Here's what people are saying about Thompson Exercise for Life.

Marty B.
“I have never felt more fit, more in touch with my body and mind.”

Bill is a dedicated, caring, kind and well-trained master teacher. He inspires me to do my best. He has the ability to make everyone feel welcome and important, and capable of doing exercises that are very difficult. 

The first day I took his class I knew that it was something unique and to be treasured. The next day I signed up and have been thankful ever since.

My core strength, sense of balance, flexibility, posture, and sure-footedness have grown exponentially each year -- all thanks to being taught by Bill for 10-years.

Carol G.
“The best routine out there. I highly recommend it  to anyone at any age.”

At the age of 10, I had bone-graft surgery on my hip as the result of an injury. The doctor said I would need a hip replacement at 35 to 40-years-old. But around that age, I started with Thompson Exercise.

Well, I'm 68 now and still walking around on the same hip, thanks to Bill's encouragement and the Thompson Exercise routine. It concentrates on posture, alignment, range of motion and
flexibility. It helps with balance, and develops core strength. 

Bill Thompson has a good heart and soul, and he makes the workouts a lot
of fun.

Bonnie R.
“My body’s fountain of youth! Nothing else compares.”

I am grateful that Bill has been my friend, exercise instructor and guru for the past 20 years. I am always challenged, and never bored. 

He has nursed me through numerous injuries and I always manage to come back stronger. Bill's top-notch varied regimen enables me to stay in shape for all my athletic endeavors. 

Friends think I am crazy to travel a half- hour in each direction to take class, but it is totally worth it.

Ellen M.
“Thompson Exercise is more than exercise. It is a total mind and body experience.”

As a former professional dancer, Bill truly understands the body. His stretching, toning, weight and step classes are carefully planned so that clients like me, who have been with him for 20-years, can say they’re in great shape.  

He knows his people and quickly assesses their strengths and weaknesses and gives individual attention. So it’s almost like having a personal trainer.

And though the mix of people varies, there is a wonderful camaraderie among the exercise mates. What binds us together is our love and appreciation for Bill.

A few years back, I was a runner with frequently-debilitating back issues and limited experience with non-aerobic fitness. Out of curiosity, I attended a free trial of Bill's stretch class.

I was drawn in by his knowledge and experience, and by the personal and practical support he provided. I felt welcomed and encouraged by the community of students, and soon added strength and step classes.

This is a unique place where I am supported in my health and fitness goals, encouraged to compete with myself, and constantly inspired by others.

“I feel healthier and much more confident in my ability to improve my own health through exercise.”
Beth L.
Alice E.
“I seriously believe this class keeps you young.”

In 1989 when my work hours were long and free time was a luxury, I was searching for an exercise class worth sticking with. I definitely found it in Thompson Exercise, because I've been going to Bill's classes ever since. I happily drive 20 miles from Westport every Saturday to get my Thompson Exercise fix for the week.

Not only do the classes offer a truly well-rounded workout of flexibility, core strength, weight training and cardio, but it's delivered with warmth, wisdom and wit. You'll work hard, but the time flies.  

People have asked me, 'What's your secret!?', when they learn my age. I tell them, 'It's not Botox, it's Bill's classes!'

I'm confident that this will keep me fit and strong for the activities I love (kayaking, hiking and gardening) for the rest of my life.

Michael T.
“My body has been transformed.”

Thompson Exercise reflects Bill’s years of professional training, as well as a deep under-standing of the human body.  He has the kind of “force-of-nature” personality that is motivating, focused and spirited.

The result is a one-of-a-kind program that effectively builds stamina and strength, with positive effects on almost every physical activity I perform.  I have more energy, and overall I just feel better about myself.

Though it's a class format, Bill is expert at figuring out and addressing each person’s physical needs and limitations. It’s almost like having a personal trainer. You'll be hooked, too.

Bevi W.
“Thompson Exercise is the only program I have ever stuck with long term.”

I attribute this to Bill and his unique approach to fitness. This is not your typical "gym" experience. Every class is challenging yet fun, and you leave feeling stronger and with a sense of accomplishment.

The other factor that keeps me hooked is the supportive, interesting, and diverse people who make my morning workout a positive and uplifting way to start the day.

Kitty S.
“I am fitter and stronger than I ever imagined possible.”

After numerous failed attempts to find an exercise program that worked for me, I started Bill’s stretch and strength classes.  Eight years later, I am still here—fitter and stronger than I ever imagined possible.  

Bill is serious about his exercise regimen (and expects you to be, too).  But some-how between all the crunches, planks and leg lifts, he makes it FUN. It’s not easy making someone happy and miserable at the same time!

Seven years ago, after suffering debilitating bouts of a spasmodic lower back, I discovered Thompson Exercise and it changed my life.

Bill's classes are carefully designed to strengthen and tone all the muscles and to increase flexibility. They are challenging and his expectations are high. But if you make a commitment to his philosophy, you'll find it works!

The seven years have passed and I have not had one little twinge in my back. No more agonizing days in bed when it took a painful ten-minutes to stand up. The change is truly amazing. 

Bill is a great instructor, his classes are fun, and his clients have become friends.

“I can't imagine what life would be like without Thompson Exercise.”
Kathie D.
Michele Z.
“Bill brings a unique expertise to fitness.
I highly recommend Thompson Exercise to everyone!”

I was first introduced to Bill Thompson’s exercise classes about15-years ago and found them to be a very different experience from taking classes at a large gym or studio chain. I like to stay super active, so Bill's classes are a perfect complement to my other fitness and sports activities.

Bill is an affable, soulful person and is committed to helping people become their best, strongest selves -- physically and mentally. For all the years I’ve been doing his classes, it never gets any easier because Bill keeps pushing us to the next level.

The other aspect of Thompson Exercise that I truly enjoy is the special camaraderie that exists among class participants. I always feel very comfortable and welcome there and look forward to seeing people who feel like family.

For the last 5-years I have been having neck and shoulder problems and also had a knee injury. But my shoulder and neck have improved tremendously and the knee injury is completely gone!

All this thanks to Bill and his exercises. I am very thankful and appreciate his workout.

“I’ve been exercising with Bill Thompson for more than 22-years. It keeps me going.”
Sofia D.
Barbara G.
“People always ask me,‘Where do you work out?’”

I have been a student of Thompson Exercise for many years. Bill was a ballet dancer in the past, so he helps you build a dancer's body -- strong and supple.

We also have fun in class. As we work, there are moments of laughter brought about by Bill's wonderful sense of humor, an added bonus!

Anne G.
“Bill’s exercise program is  the reason I’m still walking.”

The first time I walked into Bill’s studio, I noticed an issue of Greenwich Magazine at the reception desk.  In it was an article about Bill’s program. A widely-respected older woman in town was quoted as saying that Bill and his exercise program were the reasons she was still walking. I thought, “There's a slight exaggeration."  

Now, 35-years later I can say without hesitation, that is true for me!  Even with
serious arthritis, I can walk without pain.

Joanne C-S.
“Bill is a delight to work with.”

Bill has amazing professional experience that he translates into a great series of classes. I have just recently started and am absolutely hooked. The combination of his talent and the friendly group of people make them enjoyable and productive.

Another key indicator for me is the incredible loyalty to Bill from the people who attend his classes. The majority of them have been coming for many years.

I think this representative of the positive experience of being coached by Bill.  I am very happy to be part of his crew!

Maureen B.
“I have been going to Bill’s classes for
20-years plus.”

And at 74, I am hanging in there thanks to Bill's great stretch class. I have avoided sprained ankles, belly fat and a flat behind because of him! 

We all owe Bill for teaching us discipline, correct posture and the importance of keeping our bodies stretched.

His unique exercise program has contributed to my increased flexibility, improved posture, and overall good health. 

Bill's knowledge of the body and his positive and compassionate personality nurtures and motivates
everyone who attends his classes.

“I have been a client of Bill's for close to
Ricky A.
Maria R.
“I am in better shape at 66 than I was in my early-fifties.”

I have been going to Bill's classes three-times-a-week for 8-years and am convinced that I am in better shape at 66 than I was in my early 50's.  

With stretch, weights and step, you cover everything. And everyone is very nice!

Michael T.
“I cannot recommend Bill's classes enough.”
-- Ricky L.

Thompson Exercise is a total body workout.  It improves balance, posture, coordination, core strength, health and provides a sense of well-being.

Bill’s years as a professional ballet dancer and his decades of teaching give him an ability to interact with each individual and the group as a whole.

Everyone in the class feels special and part of a team.  Bill is a master at what he does and I cannot recommend his classes highly enough!

Bevi W.
“Best thing I have ever done for myself.”
-- Carol L.

I have attended Bill's studio for several years and I am stronger in body, mind and spirit.

Bill challenges you while being mindful of form and any limitations you may have.

My golf game has improved significantly due to the stretching classes. I am much more flexible and accurate.

The camaraderie is special and it is like a family unit. 

Kitty S.
“No other exercise class has captivated me as much.”
-- Olivia F.

I have worked with Bill for over 7-years. No other yoga, Pilates, aerobics, weight training, or other exercise class has captivated me as much.

Simply put, Bill Thompson makes flexibility, strength and cardio effective, fun and inspiring.  

My body is far more toned and flexible
because of Bill.

Kitty S.
“Best move I ever made.”
-- Claudine T.

I started with Bill's program in 1999, led to his studio by my golf partner. Best move I ever made. I had just finished therapy for calcific tendonitis, but had not recovered full range-of-motion in my shoulder.

Even though Bill's classes are group sessions, he devotes individual attention to specific problems his attendees might have, and eventually the problem disappears.

Most of all, Bill knows how to keep us going, thanks to the good ambiance that reigns in his classes.

Kitty S.
“New powers of body
-- Elizabeth U.

I began classes with Bill in August of 1991 after knocking my knee on a bollard along the streets of Paris. Together we rehabbed my knee and I’ve been a devotee of Thompson Exercise ever since.

Bill conditioned me for Colorado skiing and helped me rehab frozen shoulders, loosened extra-painful piriformis muscles, and has kept me stretched and conditioned for more than 25 years.

But even more important is how his healing powers and belief in all of us has guided us to new powers of body awareness and self-knowledge. I remain ever grateful.

I never had a commitment to exercise until I began going to Bill’s class, and I have been going for 9-years!  My flexibility and tone have greatly improved.  Everyone receives personal and personalized attention in an inviting, supportive and fun environment.

Bill is an amazing instructor! There is no one like him and no class like his.

“Bill is an amazing instructor. There is no class like his.”
Ginny E.